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Did You Know Judaism Was a Missionizing Religion?

August 16, 2012


Emperor Constantine, who made Christianity the religion of the Holy Roman Empire.

The single most important event in all Jewish history changing Judaism from being an active missionizing religion was the following edict by Emperor Constantine in the year 315 CE:

“I. Laws of Constantine the Great, October 18, 315: Concerning Jews, Heaven-Worshippers,* And Samaritans

We wish to make it known to the Jews and their elders and their patriarchs that if, after the enactment of this law, any one of them dares to attack with stones or some other manifestation of anger another who has fled their dangerous sect and attached himself to the worship of God [Christianity], he must speedily be given to the flames and burn~ together with all his accomplices.

Moreover, if any one of the population should join their abominable sect and attend their meetings, he will bear with them the deserved penalties.”

In one ruling Emperor Constantine made it illegal for Jews to missionize, protected Jews who became Christians, and forbade Christians from ever marrying Jews (this was in the second section of his law).  Imagine how many Jews there would be in the world today if Constantine had not banned Jewish missionizing?

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  1. hey is this true?

  2. Yes, of course, why would I write it if not true?

    • so does that mean– that the religious organization and ceremonies were put into place by consrtatine ? in a sence producing the rituals of the catholic church sermonical sacraments?

      i guessing that there was some benefit for pagan worship– just as there is benefits for catholic worship ?

      what research have you written on this ?

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