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From Tornado to Better Future

December 28, 2012





Springhill Avenue Temple, Mobile, Alabama: December 25, 2012 EF2 Tornado Damage

What is it like being the rabbi of a congregation that has been damaged over the years of my rabbinate by two hurricanes and now perhaps the worst damage from an EF2 tornado? At first discouraging, but on the other hand déjà vu, and experience dealing with disasters comes to mind. As my wife reminds me I tend to be the cup half empty type, but I am learning to change.

So I must think of our Jewish motifs: Joseph saw seven good years, and seven lean ones, but a better time would eventually come. Moses knew the children of Israel would enter the Promised Land, in time. The prophets though they saw evil, still predicted a better day would yet come. The ancient homeland of the Jewish people has been brought back to life once again. How could I predict anything but a better future, and an even more beautiful congregational building once more? As one of the oldest congregations in the country, going back to 1844, I am confident our future will indeed be better than our past.

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