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Life’s Burdens

June 6, 2012


There is a story told of a people who did not have much in the way of worldly goods.  Every day was a struggle for mere survival.  Where would they find food or water that day, and would there be a warm place to sleep?  After years of mere subsistence, they decided to take what little belongings they had, and move on to find a better place to live, perhaps with more opportunities.  Each person took the very few things they had, placed it upon their back, and began what would be a long and tiring journey.    

After only half a day walking with their small packs upon their backs, a young man began to tire.  He noticed that others in the group seemed to be carrying lighter loads upon their backs.  After a little talking he persuaded one man to swap packs, so he could carry what he though was a lighter load.  Everything was fine for the young man, until just a few hours later he noticed that another man seemed to have a still lighter pack.  After a little bit of cajoling, he persuaded that man too to swap packs with him.  This pattern repeated itself until at last he asked an older man if he too would swap packs with him.

“My son”, said the old man, “you have not learned in life that every person has his load to carry.  You might look around and think that someone else’s burden is less than yours, but do you really know what they are carrying?  Everyone has his burden, seen or unseen to others.  It is for the wise to understand this.”


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  1. Patti permalink

    Nice message here and very, very true!

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