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Brotherly Love

May 24, 2012


There is a Jewish legend explaining the origin for the location of Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem.  There were two brothers who loved each other with an enduring love.  Both were farmers who owned adjoining fields.  One had a family and the other was single.  One night they both awoke with a similar thought at the same time: one day each thought of the other, my brother will be old and in greater need than I.  The single one thought that the one with family would need help with his children, and the married one thought that the single one would have no one to help him in old age.  So each in the cover of darkness began carrying the grain from his silo, and placing it in the silo of the other.  They both worked all night, but never saw each other.  When dawn finally came and they found neither silo had changed, they finally saw each other in the breaking light and realized what had happened.  According to legend this became the location were God’s Temple would later be built, upon the field of brotherly love.

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  1. Patti permalink

    VERY GOOD message here….and the photo is the best!

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