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God in the world

May 18, 2012

Rabbi Isaac of Berdichev once summoned all the Jewish community to appear in the Town Square the next day for an announcement of the greatest importance.  He ordered all the shops to be closed, all the nursing mothers to appear with their babies, and that everyone in the town with absolutely no exceptions to be there to hear the announcement.  The people wondered what the announcement could be?  Was some new tax about to be passed?  Was the Rabbi going to leave, or perhaps was he seriously ill?  Did the Rabbi know some secret information about the world to come that had been revealed to him alone?  At noon the next day, the entire community was there in the Town Square.  Everyone was there, and waited with baited breath to hear what the Rabbi was going to announce.  Precisely at noon, the Rabbi rose, and he said,  “I Rabbi Isaac, son of Sarah, have gathered you here today to tell you …..there is a God in the world.” 

 At first the people were perplexed.  Was this the big announcement that they had left their homes, and closed their shops to hear?  Had the Rabbi convened them all to tell them something that every school child already knows?  But then, the more they thought about it the more they realized,  “What could be more important than to know there is a God in the world?” 



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  1. Shirley Boyd permalink

    Great messages. I’ve gone back and read all of your past blogs and enjoyed them. Keep up the good work. You’re finally into the 21st century.

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